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Open Network for Sustainable Mediterranean Tourism (ONMEST2)

Donor: European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) CBC-MED

Project geographic area: Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine

Project total budget: EUR 1,726,846.15

Jordan allocated budget: EUR 132,230.39

Project duration: January 2014 – June 2016

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ONMEST 2 bridges seven countries of the Mediterranean Basin, with the vision of promoting the model of sustainable tourism, identifying the particular stakeholders that could support or benefit from a common strategy towards sustainable tourism and create Local Centers of Cultures and tourist packages with sustainable characteristics for the interested communities. The above scope is embraced by dissemination activities, sensitization and awareness tools towards the diffusion of the idea of sustainable tourism within students and communities, tourism professionals and public authorities. The project foresees training activities so that the involved parties go through special methodologies for realization of tourism products, financing, proposition of local heritage and evaluation of customers’ satisfaction.   The core proposal of the project is the emersion and the promotion of the intangible values incorporated in the local culture of the territories, through the inclusion in touristic paths not only of the most famous places but also the "minor" destinations which can become Centers of Local Culture (CLC) and privileged places of sustainable tourism. The project contributes to economic development through applying a comprehensive model of sustainable tourism, where local structured groups of SMEs, artisans, communities, households, administrations are connected in a network with similar clusters abroad, to offer to groups (Mainly of  young and aged people), a participative immersion to local heritage.